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DIY Kitchen Remodel

We cut and dry-fit all of the butcher block. Unfortunately we couldn't do a 45 degree cut on the corner because we couldn't get a long enough piece to go all the way from the refrigerator to the wall :( We were super bummed about that.

Using the template provided with the sink, we traced it onto the wood, then cute the straight lines with a hand saw and the rounded corners with a jig-saw. Now we have a giant piece of butcher block for a cutting board!

We attached the faucet and garbage disposal to the sink before setting it in place because it is easier than trying to do that from under the counter. We circled a bead of silicone onto the wood and set the sink in. While it was still wet we got the sink where we wanted it and tried to wipe up the silicone mess! You can see where it will need to be cleaned up still. I ended up sanding it and wiping it off as much as I could before we sealed the counters with Waterlox.